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Paragrêle Structure

New model of a hyper-resistant alea-resistant hail structure

The PARAGRELE GIACOMO structure consists of a very strong, vibrated reinforced concrete post specially designed to support the cabling tension, it withstands hail storms and strong gusts of wind.                                 
                                The 2,6x3 net (2.6 threads per cm in warp and 3 threads per cm in weft), black for apple and pear, is the ideal type of net for hail installation.                                 
                                It is the most used net today with its narrow mesh that does not allow the passage of any hail.                                 The nets are made of HDPE high density polyethylene monofilaments stabilized against ultraviolet degradation.                                 
                                They have great resistance to breakage and degradation, which is why they resist the weights of hail and the wind.                                 
                                Mesh and mesh types are available to give each customer the appropriate net for each type of crop and climate.